Cash on the tablet

Progress of computer equipment is moving swiftly and with a bias towards smaller devices with a parallel increase in their functionality, and usability. System units under the tables were replaced by laptops, pushing mobile phones — with touch devices, giving to users full functionality of the computer.

Company MyPOSeq is designed and produced the terminals based on tablets for cashiers and / or waiters.

We have developed options for table and wall mounting, as well as an option Duo — «two-headed» terminal, where one plate is designed for the cashier and one for the customer.

Unlike similar POS-terminals cost of such a tablet Tab-terminal is much cheaper, and besides, tablet terminals are supplied operating system, that does not need to buy separately.

Of course, the tablet Tab-terminal can not be considered as an anti-theft solution for companies with a high frequency of use. However, as the budget and compact solution for the automation of cashier’s workplace — a very justified.

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